MountainSphere Adventures | Navigation Weekend 29-30 October 2022

Weren’t we lucky with the weather! Clear blue skies both days is a rare thing these days! Despite the cold wind blowing throughout the day on Saturday we enjoyed sunny weather throughout the weekend. On a windy Saturday morning we gathered at Bell for the navigation briefing and then set off on the hike at about 11am. The clients learned a proven strategy and technique for navigating off trail through the landscape, and new skills were taught throughout the weekend as we encountered different terrain, scenery and landmarks during the diverse landscape. Always the scenery was superb, the wildflowers amazing, and the waratahs ablaze in balls of brilliant red throughout the bush. Our campsite was sheltered from the wind among magnificent cliffs and natural rock formations. A pleasant evening was had and a well earned rest in between the two days of active hiking and learning. A fantastic weekend enjoyed by all!

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