MountainSphere Adventures | Navigation Weekend 29-30 April 2023

What is it about navigation weekends and rain? There was an ominous forecast of heavy rain for the weekend but everyone was willing to give it a go and in the end the decision to go ahead was the right one. Not nearly as much rain fell as was forecast and Sunday was almost completely rain free with spectacular scenery in the clear autumn sky. The sun came out a few times and the sunlight reflected off the wet rocks in the distance and lit the heath covered ridges in a lime green glow. Saturday was wetter than Sunday and so the morning briefing under a tarp at Bell was longer than usual so that we were fully prepared with a detailed nav plan and bearings already set for each leg of the hike through the rain to camp. The goal was to reach a nice sheltered sandstone overhang which was a dry place to spend the rainy night. And indeed we found it due to good navigation in the conditions and we had it to ourselves so we enjoyed a nice comfortable dry night as the rain fell down outside. The rain stopped during the night and we enjoyed a scenic and very educational hike back on Sunday. A great adventure enjoyed by all and a huge wealth of new skills learned in the most practical possible way!

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